Safe Sleeping For Infants

Baby bedding products when used properly provide them with a safe environment in which to sleep. Here are some guidelines for safe bedding practices for babies (under 12 months):

  • Healthy infants should be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by a pediatrician.
  • Always use a crib/cot sheet that fits securely on the mattress and wraps around the mattress corners. Only a tight fitted sheet, mattress pad and/or waterproof pad should be used under the baby.
  • When using bumpers, avoid those that are pillow-like. Bumpers must fit properly in your crib/cot and tie securely along the sides of the crib/cot. Bumper ties must not exceed nine inches.
  • Use bumpers only until the baby can pull up to a standing position. Then remove them so baby cannot use the pads to climb out of the crib.
  • Do not place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa, soft mattresses, water beds, bean bags or other soft surface.
  • Remove pillows, quilts, comforters, pillow-like stuffed toys, and other soft products from the crib/cot when infant is sleeping
  • If using a blanket, tuck the blanket around the crib/cot mattress, reaching only as far as the baby’s chest (ensuring that baby’s head remains uncovered during sleep).  For newborns, consider swaddling.
  • Do not overdress your baby. Consider using a sleeper or wearable blanket (such as sleep sacks) as an alternative.
  • Check periodically for loose threads or stitching which could cause gagging or choking.

Please see warning labels on individual products for best use. For additional guidelines on safe sleeping, you could also visit Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) at

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