All About You: The Guide to Your First Trimester Nutrition

Expectant Parents

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the pink lines confirming the big news – you’re pregnant! Pregnancy is a phase that’s delightful, surprising and confusing, and now you need to care for yourself more than ever. What you eat really matters, right from the very start. It can ensure good development of your little bundle… Continue Reading;

A step-by-step guide on how to stop swaddling your baby

Baby Essentials | parenting tips

Few things make a parent happier than seeing their baby have a good night’s sleep. Keeping a baby swaddled helps them feel cocooned and can mimic the feeling of being in the womb. This gives newborn babies a sense of security, which helps them sleep well. Swaddling is a very effective way for babies to… Continue Reading;

4 Crucial Business Lessons Millennials Can Learn From Women Entrepreneurs

Notes from Samridhi

Millennials have a lot of qualities that make them great entrepreneurs – a lot of self-confidence, a greater sense of purpose, and pretty much the resources of the world at their fingertips! Being most digitally savvy, they can easily use social media and internet to build products, market to a wider set of customers and build a… Continue Reading;

Have A Razor-Sharp Focus On Your Goals: Samridhi Ganeriwalla

Notes from Samridhi

Entrepreneurship has been a fulfilling journey – a chance to follow my passion and do something I love every day. And I am so grateful for it. While it does come with its many challenges, with perseverance and a positive attitude, you only get better at it day by day. Taking “leaps of faith” While… Continue Reading;

How to decorate your kids’ room in summer by you

Notes from Samridhi

A kids’ room should be a soothing place where they can rest, relax and rejuvenate day after day. I believe it should be clutter free, with a space set for everything. Simplicity (“less is more”) is imperative and should not be compromised. It can be easily achieved with effective planning. I also like to keep… Continue Reading;