baby washcloths

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Little ones can sometimes be hard to keep clean all the time as they are prone to milk and food spillage or accidently dirtying themselves. It is a must to keep babies clean and far from infection as much as possible and hence need close monitoring and cleaning. A use and throw napkin would be a tedious job as you will run out of them in no time. Hence the best way to go about doing this is to get baby washcloths. These are easily washable and maintainable. A multipurpose washcloth can be used to wipe off food, any dirt around the house that may have got on to your crawling baby or can simply be carried in the baby’s travel kit as an extra accessory. These help in emergencies like the need to immediately wipe something off the baby or use these towels as cold or hot compress as they are not to direct on the skin. At Little West Street, we take immense pride in giving your baby the best of care and comfort. These baby washcloths come in different colours and can be used for each purpose separately. Take a look at our collection and place your orders now.