How to decorate your kids’ room in summer by you

A kids’ room should be a soothing place where they can rest, relax and rejuvenate day after day. I believe it should be clutter free, with a space set for everything. Simplicity (“less is more”) is imperative and should not be compromised. It can be easily achieved with effective planning. I also like to keep a long-term view (at least 3 -to- 4 years) in mind. Thus, when we design a kids’ room, we think of it as a place which can be easily adapted to house a pre-schooler, who in no time would be a toddler or a little kid. Basically, a room which evolves with the child’s requirements. Also think about if you are planning on having another child soon, as that might dictate some of the decisions such as the theme you choose.

To start with, pick a theme which could tie-up everything in the room, it could be a concept such as jungle animals, or colors such as pastels, all white with a pop of pink, monochrome, etc. You can then pick the pieces accordingly.

Furniture: Consider simple, sturdy furniture with no sharp edges, that can be used for years to come. It’s always nice if the bed is not too high so it’s easy for them to climb on and get off. While I personally love whites, a darker finish is often easier to maintain with kids especially toddlers. A nice soft bed, a chest of drawers, and a side table are essentials. Lighting is equally important, there should be enough light to read, and a soothing dim light for the night time.

Soft furnishings: The bedding can really light up the room. With colors or themes, they love, it will you help create a space they enjoy calling their own. A soft, cozy cotton quilt is a must, few pieces of mix & match soft sheeting, and a bunch of decorative pillows will make the bed cozy and warm. A personalized piece or two would bring more smiles!

Reading nook: It could be a dreamy canopy in a corner with some cushions inside, or a nice bench with pillows, along with some shelves with books, that are easily reachable. A fun nook like this will be perfect to inculcate a love for reading.

Storage baskets or boxes: A sane way to organize the toys are a must to keep it clutter free. This way they have the freedom to play anytime with them, and it’s easy to clean up the clutter after. You can divide the baskets into categories so they can learn to clean up themselves too, e.g., pretend play, soft toys, dolls. For the larger toys or board games, I recommend getting a low cabinet, so toys are inside closed doors – while being practical, it also doesn’t make the room look cluttered.

Paintings/photos: Add a photo frame by their bedside or hang up special memories of their birth or any happy moments. Positive, playful paintings also add a charm to the room. Some motivational quotations for kids or painting to go with the theme would be perfect. Mix it up with their images to create a statement gallery! I also love the idea of having a pin board/soft board in the room so kids can display their work with pride.

Rug/Mat: Depending on the age of the child, you can decide between a wipe-able mat or a rug. Rug is perfect for older kids, whereas perhaps a wipe-able rug is better for the little ones, so you can easily wipe up after your little Picasso!

You also don’t have to buy everything together. You could start with the basic pieces, and, add in more pieces over the next few months such as storage baskets, as you see how they use their space. This makes the decorating process less overwhelming and more enjoyable! Hope you enjoy the process of creating a space they will love and cherish as their own. Clutter free space gives them more space to grow, so they have a chance to add their personality into it.


This article was published in BPostive magazine for the month of April 2019