How to plan the perfect baby shower

There aren’t many celebrations happier than a baby shower. After all, the birth of a baby is perhaps the most joyous occasion in the parents’ lives. The expectant parents are nervous and excited about the future, grandparents can’t wait for the arrival of their little grandchild and the guests and family are happy to share in all the joy. If you have the opportunity to host a baby shower for your sister, best friend, cousin or co-worker, you might be feeling excited and perhaps a little overwhelmed. Not to worry! With a little guidance, you will be well on your way to hosting the perfect baby shower. Here’s what you need to do:

Pick the best date

Conventionally, baby showers are held four to six weeks before the expectant mother’s due date; however, a baby shower can also be held after the baby arrives. Evenings and weekends work best for most guests and expectant moms, as it won’t interfere with traditional working hours and doctors’ appointments. Also, parents-to-be might want to check with key family and friends on their availability before finalizing a date, so it’s better to start the process as soon as possible. Try to make sure you send out invitations at least three weeks prior.

Consider various locations

While a baby shower is often hosted at the host’s home, you can consider other alternatives. When thinking about baby shower party ideas, why not hold the baby shower in your garden or a nearby park if the weather permits. The important thing is to make sure the guests (especially the guest of honor) are comfortable with an outdoor setting. If you’re planning a more intimate gathering, opt for a restaurant or café with a lovely ambiance. A grander baby shower with a large crowd would do well in a country club or a nicer hotel. All this, of course, depends on the size of your guest list and your budget.

Pick a theme

Now that you’ve decided on your location and the number of attendees, the next step is picking the theme. With a theme in place, figuring out your baby shower decorating ideas becomes easier. Your theme can be as specific as “royal babies” or as broad as colors, such as pink and gold. If the expectant parents have not revealed the gender of the baby, stick to gender-neutral colors such as green or yellow. Alternatively, you could opt for using both blue and pink.

Plan a diverse menu

Like your decorations, your menu can be as simple or elaborate as you want. If you plan on hosting the baby shower at home, make things convenient for yourself and your guests by making finger food such as mini sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, cheese platters with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, skewers, etc. This way your guests will be able to walk around and socialize comfortably. Also, be sure to check with the new mom about allergies and dietary restrictions of guests. The last thing you need is someone falling sick at the baby shower!

No baby shower is complete without cake! Go all out and decorate the cake with cute fondant and sugar decorations such as little diapers, feeding bottles, baby clothes, etc. It would be all the more special if you can coordinate it to the theme.

Keep activities simple but fun

If your guest list includes friends and family of the parents-to-be, chances are they already know each well enough to converse by themselves. However, in the case of larger groups, you can start with a game to help break the ice, followed by a couple fun games. Make sure you have some prizes lined up!

As the host or hostess, you could place a large scrapbook, some markers and stickers for guests to fill in their wishes for the new parents. This can be a beautiful keepsake for their baby later on. You could also buy a baby onesie in a solid color and have guests decorate it to their liking.

Offer your guests gift suggestions

As the hosts or hostess of the baby shower, speak to the parents-to-be and figure out what they’d like or need for the new baby. You can keep a list handy if and when guests contact you for gift ideas for the baby shower. Or better yet, suggest Little West Street’s baby registry to the parents-to-be. This way both the parents and the guests will appreciate and be satisfied with the gifts.

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