baby birth statistic pillows

What better way can you tell your child about the childhood they had? And what better way to cherish all of these lovely memories? The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in any family and the joy of reliving these memories is ineffable. Imagine if you can imprint all of these wonderful phases of their growth and keep them forever. Give your child the gift of childhood. The birth statistic pillows are a fantastic way to freeze those moments and bring them back to life. The birth statistic pillows allow you to imprint all of these memories on a pillow and permanently capture these memories. The birth statistic pillows are custom made and give you an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Dabble with colours and patterns. Throw in some words or even poetry. You stand an opportunity to hand make the best possible gift you can give your child. Engrave these memories on the birth statistic pillows and keep them for a lifetime. Let these occasions be etched in memory. We make them easier by bringing them to life. The first few moments of birth are the most precious for any mother. Don’t let the passing of time fade those memories. Make them crystal clear and make them stand still. At Little West Street you can custom make your own static birth pillows and let your creativity flow.

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