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Coverlets and Duvets are blankets used for toddlers. The coverlets and duvets are a great investment towards your baby as it can be used all year long. They can be used as a light blanket in summer months or as a warm duvet in cold temperatures with an insert. The fabric used is of utmost importance and needs to be chosen carefully. Coverlets are softer fabric that covers the baby while asleep. The coverlets and duvets with inserts help trap the warmth and keep the baby warm and fuzzy. These are easily washable and can be maintained over a long period of time. Cotton fabric is the oldest known to man and hence a tried and tested method. Little West Street solves your problem of rocking your baby endlessly. The coverlets and duvets are meant to provide the best comfort of a sound sleep. At Little West Street, the coverlets and duvets come in the softest of fabrics and the best of designs. This combination aids in both functionality and appearance. What better way to give your toddler the best of sleep and comfort. Get your baby the coverlets and duvets it needs.