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Make travelling with your baby easier with a beautiful travel pouch from Little West Street. Babies might be tiny, but their travel essentials take up a lot of space. With our travel kits, you can keep all your baby’s essentials safe and organized. Each travel pouch comes with a waterproof lining, so no water can seep in and damage your baby’s belongings. They also have a zip closure, so everything is safe and secure inside. These baby travel kits are extremely handy, but are also very stylish. You can get a travel pouch that’s floral-themed, jungle-themed or one that has a starry print. These baby travel kits will help you keep all your baby’s essential safe and in one place, so travelling with a baby becomes a breeze. Each of them is sold individually, so you can buy as many as you need. Select a travel pouch from Little West Street today, so you can be prepared for your next holiday.