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It is a laborious task for new parents to pack for their children with the constant fear of leaving stuff out or getting it mixed with their stuff. It is always advisable to use a bag exclusively for your kid. The kid’s travel pouch is the most efficient way of packing your kids stuff and organising them. The waterproof bag is a great way to make sure that nothing leaks out of the bag and makes it messy. Right from a pair of clothes to toothbrushes, lotions and diapers, the kids travel pouch is just what you need to store everything your kid needs. The kids travel pouches also allow you to carry their favourite pillow, a blanket or a toy they like. We at Little West Street make sure you has a hassle free holiday without an iota of worry. Carry everything that your kid needs in the Kids travel pouch. The kids travel pouch come in a variety of fancy designs and can easily be carried to picnics or the airports. Check out our new range of kids travel pouches.