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Is it vacation time? Planning a road trip with your little one? Or are you concerned about travelling with your child in general due to the weight of the luggage? Worry not, we have compiled a list of all the necessities that you simply cannot do without.

We understand that stress-packing never goes right. This is precisely why Little West Street’s collection of diaper covers, wet dry bags, burp cloths, travel pouch bags, cotton blankets and newborn sun hat collections are crafted to suit your needs perfectly and ensure you don’t miss out on any amount of fun during your outings!

  • Tailor Made to Perfection

    Little West Street's organic cotton newborn clothes and accessories are well-known around the world for their instant comfort and warmth. Whether you’re having a really bright, sunny, and incredibly cheerful day, or a sad, cloudy, slightly low-spirited day, the new collection for infants wear will offer you all the solace you need, lifting you up and keeping you safe simultaneously.

  • What to pack when going outdoors with your baby?

    When the entire collection itself is filled with multiple shades of life, happiness, and the glories of childhood, it becomes exceedingly hard to settle down on a single product. The good news is, you don’t have to! Owing to their versatility and vast diversity, our clothes and other accessories will never fail to take you by surprise, and you can add a lot more than one to your cart without denting your pocket.

    If you’re looking for things you can take with you to make your baby’s journey infinitely easier, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see which products should make it to your list.

  • Diaper cover/ clutch

    Our diaper cover collection with designs fairytale, racing cars, unicorn, and alphabet is perfectly suited for traveling and will brighten up your day as soon as you look at them. Additionally, they will also make your kid’s day better, and they will be in high spirits all day long owing to the beautiful fabrics they have on.

    We also offer an organic portable carryall that opens up for convenient diaper changing. It is perfectly designed to fit in the diaper bag and comes with a handle for more ease. Made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, the diaper clutch unfolds into an easy-to-wipe, spacious padded changing area.

  • Waterproof travel bags

    If you are worried about carrying your little one’s diaper and other essentials outdoors, we have the perfect set of organic wet/dry bags to help you say goodbye to all kinds of mess! Our travel pouch will further increase the ease of your plans.

    The travel pouch bag and wet dry bag are the perfect choices to carry cloth diapers, swim diapers, swim suits, and other essentials for your toddler. You can now safely store your little one’s wet clothes in waterproof bags so that nothing else gets dirty.

  • Organic Clothing

    Now that both comfort and hygiene have been covered, the only ingredient that is missing in the dish is style! Additionally, you can also find the fuzziest, smoothest, most adorable pyjamas and other infants wear pieces on our website.

    Our items are also carefully selected to have a significant positive effect on your baby’s daily routine. Our designs are extremely sophisticated and classy. Unicorns, alphabets, snuggle bunny, adventures of a prince, celestial, and many other fun themes on organic clothing add to the quirkiness.

  • Summer hats

    There are a few products we will specifically recommend to you because of their timeless and truly impeccable vibes. Stunning summer hats are one of them! Each has a personality of its own. Every single hat crafted by us is as beautiful as the other one, if not show-stopping and aww-invoking, to say the least.

    Who could have thought you could protect your baby from the harsh sun while also letting them look like an absolute flower blooming beneath it?

    Our wide range of outdoor essentials, summer hats, burp cloths, cotton bed sheets, duvet covers, cotton newborn clothes and other organic baby accessories will take your heart away!

    Made from organic muslin cloth, the warm and cozy layers will soothe your baby’s cranky and restless nights. At Little West Street, we aim to offer sheer comfort and safety. Whether at home or outdoors, now you can spend quality time with your baby without any hassle.

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