Effective baby napping tips for a healthy sleep schedule

For a mother, there is no better heart-warming sight than watching her baby in deep slumber. Infant napping is an important factor that determines the growth and development of your baby. It is believed that babies who sleep well are more active and tend to be better eaters, making them less susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. But, for most young parents, getting their infant to fall asleep is one of the greatest challenges. Here are a few baby napping tips which you can follow to ensure a healthy sleep schedule for new mom and baby:

Breastfeed your baby before bedtime

Comfort feed before bedtime is considered as one of the best baby sleep training practices. Breastfeeding your baby before bedtime is very effective in making your baby fall asleep in a quicker and hassle-free manner. The rhythmic sucking and sleep-inducing hormones in mother’s milk play a huge role in developing the sleep and appetite cycles of your baby. After a course of breastfeeding, your baby feels warm, safe, secure and happy. It is also a good idea to use soft nursing covers to keep your baby warm and comfortable while breastfeeding.

Give them a soothing massage

Nothing can be more comforting for your baby than a soothing, gentle massage from his mother. For a relaxing massage, you don’t need to be a professional therapist or a clinical expert. All you need is a soft baby blanket and good massage oil. Before you apply the massage oil on your baby, it is important to undertake a patch test to ensure that your baby is not allergic to oils. Baby massages are all about soft and gentle strokes. Just a soothing touch is enough to transport your baby into dreamland. An easy technique to lull your baby is by stroking away from the heart, covering the areas of shoulders and wrists.

Swaddle your baby to sleep

From ancient times, swaddling is considered as a great baby sleep training practice. This is primarily because swaddling creates a sense of security in babies and they are less likely to be woken by their own reflex or external disturbances. Your baby might feel the same warmth and comfort as he/she felt in your womb. It is also a great technique to calm down your baby in case he/she is over-stimulated before bedtime. It is advisable to use a soft and breathable muslin swaddle blanket to wrap your baby so they are cosy yet comfortable with no risk of overheating.

Provide a cozy sleeping space for your baby

One of the most effective baby napping tips is to create a pleasant ambience ideal for a peaceful slumber. Installing sound absorption mechanisms, maintaining optimum temperature and dimming the lights are some of the ways to create a perfect napping environment as well create a habit for the baby to know that it’s time to sleep. Bedrooms with an appealing set up play a huge role in maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. There is no better way to lull your baby than building a cute nursery for your child.  From cool blues to soft pinks, you can employ a wide range of soothing colors to make your baby’s room as beautiful as possible. To help your newborn get the best sleep, make sure you opt for comfortable bedding along with a range of soft cot bumpers, cot sheets, shaped pillows, thematic coverlets and duvets.

Ensure your baby is warm and secure

Babies have a tendency to kick off their blankets while they are in a deep slumber. An ideal way to avoid this problem is by using a warm and soft sleep sack. Apart from keeping them snug and comfortable, sleep sacks are a great way to ensure your baby’s safety during sleep time, especially in the early months. Sometimes, if the blankets are loose, it might cover your new born’s face and interfere with their breathing. Further, muslin fabric is breathable, and with our four layer sleep sacks, you can be sure that baby will be warm enough with no chance of overheating. Also, sleep sacks are extremely light weight, breathable with flexible zips at the bottom for easy night time nappy changes.

Follow a regular bedtime

If you want to develop a consistent sleep schedule for you and your baby, it is vital to get your baby into bed at the same time every day. Fixing a bedtime routine greatly help in making your baby less fussy and cranky. A proper sleep schedule might not work for newborns, but this is a great technique to ensure healthy sleeping habits for babies who are 3-8 months old. Once babies go into a deep slumber, it is ideal to put them on the bed and let them drift on their own. This is an important baby sleep training practice to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of new moms.

Establishing a healthy sleep schedule can create a huge difference in making your baby happy and healthy. As new parents, you can also reduce your stress levels to a considerable extent. Check out Little West Street for our widest range of baby bedding to keep your baby warm and comfortable during sleep time.