The complete hospital bag checklist for mom and baby

Are you eagerly waiting to welcome your baby into the world?  When it comes to maternity care, preparations are everything. There are chances that your baby might pop out a little earlier than expected, so it’s always a good idea to get your maternity hospital bag organised well in advance. The best time to get your maternity hospital bag ready is during the eighth month of pregnancy. Ideally, it’s always better to pack two kinds of hospital bags – one for the new mom and other for the baby. Read on for a complete hospital bag checklist for both mom and baby to have a stress-free pregnancy and child-birth.

For Mom

Medical documents and records of insurance policies

First and foremost, make sure your medical records are readily available. These are essential records that play a huge role in enabling your doctors to understand your medical condition. Also, it is highly important that you keep your insurance card handy to save time while carrying out the important formalities upon your arrival at the hospital.

Bathrobe or a dressing gown

Bathrobes or dressing gowns are essential clothing that keeps you comfortable as you walk through the hospital ward during your early labor and even afterwards. While choosing a dressing gown, always make sure to buy one which is of soft texture.

Body lotion

A massage oil or a body lotion is one of the most important components of a hospital bag for moms. A gentle massage with a body lotion can be extremely soothing for the new mom-to-be during labor.

Casual slippers

Pick some of your most comfortable flip-flops that can help you pace through the hospital corridors. For your showers, it is always a good idea to have a pair of bathroom slippers.


Your feet can become extremely dry and cold during labor. So, it is always a good idea to carry a few pairs of socks as part of your maternity care hospital bag.

Toiletries and accessories

Carry a small bag with all your basic toiletries such as tissues, lip balms deodorants, hair brush, comb, tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, hair bands and other essential cosmetics that you use on a regular basis. It is always advisable to carry travel-size portions of your essential toiletries and cosmetics.

Things to relax and distract while in labor

Going into labor can be both exciting as well as stressful. Carry the books of your favourite author to help you stay calm and relaxed during the labor. Think of the things that make you happy and carry them along with you – from a good movie or series to a heart-warming family picture – the world is your oyster. These elements will not only help you before labor but also calm you down during the stressful hours of childbirth.

Nursing essentials

Pack a separate nursing kit consisting of all essential nursing items such as nursing shawls, ointments, pads, bras and pajama sets.  Nursing bras and pads are extremely important to make breastfeeding a rewarding experience for new moms. It is always ideal to choose a nursing bra without an underwire. Also, opt for night suits or pajama sets that have buttons in the front so that you can quickly undo them while breastfeeding your baby. Furthermore, carry a soft nursing pillow as part of your hospital bag for new mom and baby. These are extremely important to ensure adequate support for your backbone.

For Baby

Baby clothing

Before you buy clothes for your baby, consult with your doctor regarding the choice of the material. The rules for new born clothing varies from one hospital to another. For new-borns, it is always a good idea to carry loose clothes without any buttons.


Diapers are yet another important component of the hospital bag checklist for mom and baby. Ideally, you need to carry a spare of 5-6 diapers in your bag. It is very important to change the diapers of new-borns at regular intervals to ensure proper skincare for your baby.

Baby Blankets

Even though hospitals provide all the essentials needed to keep your new-born warm, it’s better to carry your own baby blankets. These are extremely useful to cover up your baby while travelling back home.  Check out our range of soft and comfortable baby blankets to keep your baby cosy and warm.

Burp cloths

Keep a few burp cloths or baby bibs handy in order to clean the spit-ups after feeding. Make sure you pick burp cloths that are easily washable and extremely soft to ensure your baby gets the best comfort.

Baby swaddles

Carry 4-5 baby swaddles to keep your baby cozy and comfortable. Make sure you buy swaddlers that made of cotton or any other soft material. Baby swaddles are extremely handy in comforting your baby since it provides womb-like warmth.

Car seat

While you pack your maternity hospital bag, it is also important to install the right car seat for your baby. Car seats provide the dual advantage of safety for your baby and comfort to keep them snug. Not to mention, they also look extremely cute!

Proper planning is extremely important for a hassle-free labor at the hospital. Visit Little West Street and pick up some of the best baby care essentials mentioned above to ace labor and motherhood.